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Palladium (Pd) Membranes as Key Enabling Technology for Pre-combustion CO2 Capture and Hydrogen Production


Palladium (Pd) membranes are a promising enabling technology for power generation and hydrogen production with CO2 capture. SINTEF has developed and patented a flexible technology to produce Pd-alloy membranes that significantly improves flux and thereby reduces material costs. Reinertsen AS and SINTEF aim to demonstrate the Pd membrane technology for H2 separation on a side stream of the Statoil Methanol Plant at Tjeldbergodden, Norway. In the present article, we present the upscaling of the membrane manufacturing process, together with the membrane module and skid design and construction.

Funding source: The financial support from GASSNOVA through the project ''CO2-fangst og hydrogenproduksjon ved bruk av Pd-membraner'' (Project no.: 241447) is gratefully acknowledged.
Related subjects: Production & Supply Chain
Countries: Norway

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