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Building an Optimal Hydrogen Transportation System for Mobility, Focus on Minimizing the Cost of Transportation via Truck


The approach developed aims to identify the methodology that will be used to deliver the minimum cost for hydrogen infrastructure deployment using a mono-objective linear optimisation. It focuses on minimizing both capital and operation costs of the hydrogen transportation based on transportation via truck which represents the main focus of this paper and a cost-minimal pipeline system in the case of France and Germany. The paper explains the mathematical model describing the link between the hydrogen production via electrolysers and the distribution for mobility needs. The main parameters and the assumed scenario framework are explained. Subsequently, the transportation of hydrogen via truck using different states of aggregation is analysed, as well as the transformation and storage of hydrogen. This is used finally to build a linear programming aiming to minimize the sum of costs of hydrogen transportation between the different nodes and transformation/storage within the nodes.

Related subjects: Applications & Pathways
Countries: France ; Germany

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