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Earth-Abundant Electrocatalysts for Water Splitting: Current and Future Directions


Of all the available resources given to mankind, the sunlight is perhaps the most abundant renewable energy resource, providing more than enough energy on earth to satisfy all the needs of humanity for several hundred years. Therefore, it is transient and sporadic that poses issues with how the energy can be harvested and processed when the sun does not shine. Scientists assume that electro/photoelectrochemical devices used for water splitting into hydrogen and oxygen may have one solution to solve this hindrance. Water electrolysis-generated hydrogen is an optimal energy carrier to store these forms of energy on scalable levels because the energy density is high, and no air pollution or toxic gas is released into the environment after combustion. However, in order to adopt these devices for readily use, they have to be low-cost for manufacturing and operation. It is thus crucial to develop electrocatalysts for water splitting based on low-cost and land-rich elements. In this review, I will summarize current advances in the synthesis of low-cost earth-abundant electrocatalysts for overall water splitting, with a particular focus on how to be linked with photoelectrocatalytic water splitting devices. The major obstacles that persist in designing these devices. The potential future developments in the production of efficient electrocatalysts for water electrolysis are also described.

Related subjects: Production & Supply Chain
Countries: Saudi Arabia

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