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Effect of Hydrogen Addition on the Energetic and Ecologic Parameters of an SI Engine Fueled by Biogas


The global policy solution seeks to reduce the usage of fossil fuels and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and biogas (BG) represents a solutions to these problems. The use of biogas could help cope with increased amounts of waste and reduce usage of fossil fuels. Biogas could be used in compressed natural gas (CNG) engines, but the engine electronic control unit (ECU) needs to be modified. In this research, a spark ignition (SI) engine was tested for mixtures of biogas and hydrogen (volumetric hydrogen concentration of 0, 14, 24, 33, and 43%). In all experiments, two cases of spark timing (ST) were used: the first for an optimal mixture and the second for CNG. The results show that hydrogen increases combustion quality and reduces incomplete combustion products. Because of BG’s lower burning speed, the advanced ST increased brake thermal efficiency (BTE) by 4.3% when the engine was running on biogas. Adding 14 vol% of hydrogen (H2 ) increases the burning speed of the mixture and enhances BTE by 2.6% at spark timing optimal for CNG (CNG ST) and 0.6% at the optimal mixture ST (mixture ST). Analyses of the rate of heat release (ROHR), temperature, and pressure increase in the cylinder were carried out using utility BURN in AVL BOOST software.

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