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Prospects of Enhancing the Understanding of Material-hydrogen Interaction by Novel In-situ and In-operando Methods


A main scientific and technical challenge facing the implementation of new and sustainable energy sources is the development and improvement of materials and components. In order to provide commercial viability of these applications, an intensive research in material-hydrogen (H) interaction is required. This work provides an overview of recently developed in-situ and in-operando H-charging methods and their applicability to investigate mechanical properties, H-absorption characteristics and H embrittlement (HE) susceptibility of a wide range of materials employed in H-related technologies, such as subsea oil and gas applications, nuclear fusion and fuel cells.

Funding source: The authors gratefully acknowledge the financial support under the scope of the COMET program within the K2 Center “Integrated Computational Material, Process and Product En- gineering (IC-MPPE)” (Project No 859480). This program is supported by the Austrian Federal Ministries for Climate Ac- tion, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Tech- nology (BMK) and for Digital and Economic Affairs (BMDW), represented by the Austrian research funding association (FFG), and the federal states of Styria, Upper Austria and Tyrol. DK acknowledges funding by the European Research Council under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program, grant agreement No. 771146 (TOUGHIT)
Countries: Austria

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