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Dynamic Model to Expand Energy Storage in Form of Battery and Hydrogen Production Using Solar Powered Water Electrolysis for Off Grid Communities


In this model, we used a 50 WP photovoltaic panel to produce electrical energy. This electricity production was used directly and stored in a battery. In this design, we coupled batteries and hydrogen as a means of storing energy. In case of overcharging the battery, it will be attached with water electrolysis to convert the excess amount of chemical energy of the battery into hydrogen energy storage. Hydrogen will be stored as a compacted gas and in chemical storage. We used PEM (proton exchange membrane) electrolysis technologies to breakdown water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen, which were then stored in the designed tanks. Different supply voltages were used in our practical readings, with an average gaining of 22.8 mL/min on a voltage supply of 2. While using Ansys simulation software, we extrapolated hydrogen production until reaching 300 mL/min on 12 V of supply (which represents 220% higher production). By using the second phase of this model, hydrogen energy was converted back into electrical energy with the help of a PEM (proton exchange membrane) fuel cell when needed. This model explores the feasibility of energy storage in the form of hydrogen and chemical energy for off-grid communities and remote areas comprising batteries, water electrolysis, and fuel cells. The main purpose of hydrogen storage in this system is to store and handle the extra energy of system produced through PV panel and utilize it for any desired requirements.

Related subjects: Production & Supply Chain

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