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SimSES: A Holistic Simulation Framework for Modeling and Analyzing Stationary Energy Storage Systems


The increasing feed-in of intermittent renewable energy sources into the electricity grids worldwide is currently leading to technical challenges. Stationary energy storage systems provide a cost-effective and efficient solution in order to facilitate the growing penetration of renewable energy sources. Major technical and economical challenges for energy storage systems are related to lifetime, efficiency, and monetary returns. Holistic simulation tools are needed in order to address these challenges before investing in energy storage systems. One of these tools is SimSES, a holistic simulation framework specialized in evaluating energy storage technologies technically and economically. With a modular approach, SimSES covers various topologies, system components, and storage technologies embedded in an energy storage application. This contribution shows the capabilities and benefits of SimSES by providing in-depth knowledge of the implementations and models. Selected functionalities are demonstrated, with two use cases showing the easy-to-use simulation framework while providing detailed technical analysis for expert users. Hybrid energy storage systems consisting of lithium-ion and redox-flow batteries are investigated in a peak shaving application, while various system topologies are analyzed in a frequency containment reserve application. The results for the peak shaving case study show a benefit in favor of the hybrid system in terms of overall cost and degradation behavior in applications that have a comparatively low energy throughput during lifetime. In terms of system topology, a cascaded converter approach shows significant improvements in efficiency for the frequency containment reserve application.

Funding source: This work was financially supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy within the open_BEA project (Grant No. 03ET4072) and the EffSkalBatt project (Grant No. 03ET6148). Both projects are supported by Project Management Juelich.
Countries: Germany

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