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A Quantitative Study of Policy-driven Changes and Forecasts in the Development of the Hydrogen Transportation Industry


Through data mining and analysis of the word frequency and occurrence position of industrial policy keywords, the main policy parameters affecting industrial development are determined, and the functional relationship between industrial policy and industrial development is obtained through multi-parameter non-linear regression: Yit−1 (y1, y2, y3, y4, y5) = β1it X1 + β2it ln X2 + β3it ln X3 + β4it X1it ∗ ln X3 + εit . The time series function of the industrial development index: Y (t) = 0.174 ∗ e (0.256∗t) is established and the industrial development under the influence of next year’s policy is predicted. It is concluded from the mathematical expression of the statistical model that there is a certain coupling effect between different policies, and that industrial development is influenced by the joint effect on the parent and sub-industries. This ultimately proves that there is a clear correlation between policy and industry development.

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