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Operation Potential Evaluation of Multiple Hydrogen Production and Refueling Integrated Stations Under DC Interconnected Environment


Hydrogen production and refueling integrated station can play an important role in the development of hydrogen transportation and fuel cell vehicles, and actively promote the energy transformation. By using DC system for hydrogen production and refueling, the conversion links can be reduced and the system efficiency can be effectively improved. In this paper, a new scheme of DC interconnection for hydrogen production and refueling integrated station is proposed, and the modular modeling and operation capability evaluation method are proposed, including the characteristic analysis of integrated station, the modular modeling and evaluation method for multiple integrated stations under DC interconnection. The DC interconnection system of five integrated stations is constructed, and operation capability improvement of integrated stations after adopting the innovative DC interconnection scheme is analyzed. On this basis, the system simulation model based on MATLAB/Simulink and physical test platform are built to verify the effectiveness of the theoretical analysis.

Related subjects: Production & Supply Chain

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