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Hybrid Energy System Model in Matlab/Simulink Based on Solar Energy, Lithium‐Ion Battery and Hydrogen


In this work, a model of an energy system based on photovoltaics as the main energy source and a hybrid energy storage consisting of a short‐term lithium‐ion battery and hydrogen as the long‐term storage facility is presented. The electrical and the heat energy circuits and resulting flows have been modelled. Therefore, the waste heat produced by the electrolyser and the fuel cell have been considered and a heat pump was considered to cover the residual heat demand. The model is designed for the analysis of a whole year energy flow by using a time series of loads, weather and heat profile as input. This paper provides the main set of equations to derive the component properties and describes the implementation into MATLAB/Simulink. The novel model was created for an energy flow simulation over one year. The results of the simulation have been verified by comparing them with well‐established simulation results from HOMER Energy. It turns out that the novel model is well suited for the analysis of the dynamic system behaviour. Moreover, different characteristics to achieve an energy balance, an ideal dimensioning for the particular use case and further research possibilities of hydrogen use in the residential sector are covered by the novel model.

Countries: Germany

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