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Sector Coupling and Business Models Towards Sustainability: The Case of the Hydrogen Vehicle Industry


The concept of sector coupling has been gaining increased momentum in political discourses during 18 the past few years but it has only recently received the attention of international academics. The 19 private sector is particularly relevant to foster sector coupling through entrepreneurial action – 20 specifically, innovative business models for more sustainable technologies are needed to promote a 21 transition towards more sustainability. So far, however, the literature on business models from a 22 sector coupling perspective is scarce yet strongly emerging. To address the identified research gaps 23 and enhance the current knowledge on the emerging hydrogen vehicle industry and sector coupling, 24 this study adopts a qualitative and exploratory research approach and builds on information gained 25 in 103 semi-structured interviews to discuss emerging business models in Germany. In particular, 33 26 business cases have been analyzed. Anchoring business model theory to the concept of sector 27 coupling, this study identifies 12 business model archetypes in the emerging hydrogen vehicle 28 industry and its value chain. It can be shown that, while the market is still emerging and the market 29 players are not defined and are evolving, companies are currently engaged in finding their position 30 along the value chain, fostering vertical integration, and promoting cooperation between the 31 different sectors. While this study is relevant for both the academia and the industry, it is particularly 2 32 interesting for policy makers shaping the future of sustainable development, specifically considering 33 integrated energy systems.

Related subjects: Applications & Pathways
Countries: Germany ; Italy

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