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Recent Development of Biomass Gasification for H2 Rich Gas Production


Biomass gasification for hydrogen (H2) production provides outstanding advantages in terms of renewable energy resources, carbon neutral, high efficiency, and environmental benefits. However, the factors influencing H2 production from biomass gasification are complex, which makes determining the optimal operating conditions challenging. Biomass gasification also poses challenges owing to the high associated tar content and low gas yield, which need to be overcome. This review summarizes the influence of the gasification parameters on H2 production. Catalytic gasification technology and some of the latest catalysts, such as composites and special structure catalysts, are also summarized herein based on the requirements of high-purity H2 production. Moreover, novel technologies, such as staged gasification, chemical looping gasification, and adsorption-enhanced reforming for producing H2 rich gas are introduced. Finally, the challenges and prospects associated with biomass gasification for H2 production are presented.

Funding source: The authors acknowledge the financial support of the National Key Research and Development Plan of China (2019YFB1503901). The authors express their great appreciation for the financial support provided by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (52125601). This work was also supported by the State Key Laboratory of Clean Energy Utilization (Open Fund Project No. ZJU-CEU2020002).
Related subjects: Production & Supply Chain

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