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Evolutions in Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Standardization: The HarmonHy Experience


HarmonHy is a European Union-funded Specific Support Action aiming to make an assessment of the activities on hydrogen and fuel cell regulations, codes and standards (RCS) on a worldwide level. On this basis, gaps have been identified and potential conflicts between regulations, codes and standards have been investigated. Types of document to be referred to include international, regional and national standards, EU directives, UNECE regulations,… Particular attention will be paid to the identification of the needs for standards as perceived by the industry as well as to actions aiming to ensure concordance between standards, codes and regulations. Standards and regulations require harmonization. HarmonHy pursues the elaboration of an action plan and a roadmap for future work on harmonizing regulations, codes and standards on hydrogen and fuel cells on an international level.

Related subjects: Applications & Pathways
Countries: Belgium

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