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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Development in China: An Industry Chain Perspective


Hydrogen fuel cell vehicle (FCV) technology has significant implications on energy security and environmental protection. In the past decade, China has made great progress in the hydrogen and FCV industry considering both the government’s policy issuances and enterprises’ production. However, there are still some technological and cost challenges obstructing the commercialization of FCVs. Herein, the status of China’s hydrogen FCV industry is analyzed comprehensively from three perspectives: policy support, market application, and technology readiness level. The unique characteristics and key issues in each part of the industry chain are emphasized. Furthermore, the energy, environmental, and economic performances of FCV in the life-cycle perspective are reviewed and summarized based on pre-existing literature and reports. The life-cycle analysis of hydrogen and FCV indicates that the energy and environmental impacts of FCVs are highly related to the sources of hydrogen. With the combination of industry status and technology performances, it is highlighted that technology advancements in hydrogen production and fuel cells and the optimization of the manufacturing processes for fuel cell systems are equally essential in the development of hydrogen FCVs.

Funding source: This study was sponsored by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (71774100, 71690241, and 71403142). The authors also thank Saudi Aramco for generous financial support.
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