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Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Alternative Fuels and Powertrains for Medium-duty Trucks: A Singapore Case Study


Alternatives to conventional diesel engines in medium/heavy-duty commercial trucks offer promising solutions to decarbonize road freight. We compare the life cycle greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from diesel, battery electric (BEV) and hydrogen fuel cell (FCV) medium-duty urban delivery trucks (gross vehicle weight 3.5 – 7 metric tonnes) in Singapore, including the vehicle and fuel production, use phase and end-of-life stages. Use phase energy demand was estimated by simulating energy consumption on local real-world driving cycles. BEVs powered by the 2019 electricity mix had up to 11% lower GHG emissions than conventional diesel, but doubling battery capacity to meet travel range requirements resulted in up to 12% higher emissions. FCVs using gaseous hydrogen via steam methane reforming achieved 23 – 30% GHG reductions while satisfying range requirements. Efforts in obtaining updated and reliable data on vehicle production remain critical for assessments of emerging technologies and enacting evidence-based policies to decarbonize road freight.

Related subjects: Applications & Pathways
Countries: Singapore

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