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Reliability Analysis of Pyrotechnic Igniter for Hydrogen-Oxygen Rocket Engine with Low Temperature Combustion Instability Failure Mode


To evaluate the functional reliability of the pyrotechnic igniter in the failure mode of unstable combustion at low temperature, a reliability and reliability sensitivity analysis method based on the combination of an interior ballistic model and Kriging reliability method is proposed. Through the deterministic interior ballistic simulation, the failure mode of low temperature unstable combustion of the pyrotechnic igniter is examined, while the random variables are introduced to establish the ignition nonlinear implicit function of the pyrotechnic igniter. The ignition display function of the pyrotechnic igniter is established by the Kriging model, which avoids the repeated calculation of true limit state function values. This study provides an efficient approach to evaluate the ignition reliability of the pyrotechnic igniter and compared with the traditional Monte Carlo method to verify the accuracy of the results. Finally, reliability-based sensitivity indices are presented to quantify the significance of random parameters. It is shown that the influence of the uncertainties can be precisely described, and the diameter of the nozzle plays a dominant role in ignition reliability. Additionally, ignition experiments of nozzles with different diameters were performed to verify the result of sensitivity. This can further support the detailed design of the pyrotechnic igniter

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