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Control of a Three-Phase Current Source Rectifier for H2 Storage Applications in AC Microgrids


The share of electrical energy from renewable sources has increased considerably in recent years in an attempt to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. To mitigate the uncertainties of these sources and to balance energy production with consumption, an energy storage system (ESS) based on water electrolysis to produce hydrogen is studied. It can be applied to AC microgrids, where several renewable energy sources and several loads may be connected, which is the focus of the study. When excess electricity production is converted into hydrogen via water electrolysis, low DC voltages and high currents are applied, which needs specific power converters. The use of a three-phase, buck-type current source converter, in a single conversion stage, allows for an adjustable DC voltage to be obtained at the terminals of the electrolyzer from a three-phase AC microgrid. The voltage control is preferred to the current control in order to improve the durability of the system. The classical control of the buck-type rectifier is generally done using two loops that correspond only to the control of its output variables. The lack of control of the input variables may generate oscillations of the grid current. Our contribution in this article is to propose a new control for the buck-type rectifier that controls both the input and output variables of the converter to avoid these grid current oscillations, without the use of active damping methods. The suggested control method is based on an approach using the flatness properties of differential systems: it ensures the large-signal stability of the converter. The proposed control shows better results than the classical control, especially in oscillation mitigation and dynamic performances with respect to the rejection of disturbances caused by a load step.

Funding source: This research was supported by the Région Grand Est, France.
Countries: France

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