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Internal Film Cooling with Discrete-Slot Injection Orifices in Hydrogen/Oxygen Engine Thrust Chambers


In the present study, a hydrogen and oxygen heat-sink engine thrust chamber and the corresponding injection faceplate with discrete slot orifices are devised to study the cooling performance near the faceplate region. Moreover, a set of experiments and numerical simulations are conducted to evaluate the effects of various factors on combustion performance and film cooling efficiency. According to the obtained result, the circumferential cooling efficiency has an M-shaped distribution in the near-injector region. Furthermore, it has been discovered that when the film flow ratio increases, so does the cooling efficiency. This is especially more pronounced in the range of 30–80 mm from the faceplate. The cooling efficiency is found to be proportional to the film flow rate ratio’s 0.4 power. Compared with the slot thickness, the reduction in the slot width is more beneficial in improving the cooling efficiency, and the advantage is more prominent for small film flow ratios. In addition, when the amount of coolant is not enough, the cooling effect of the discrete slot film orifice is better than that of the common cylindrical orifice. The present article demonstrates that setting the area ratio of the adjacent film orifices is an effective way to reduce the uneven circumferential distribution of the wall surface temperature.

Funding source: This research was funded by the Chinese National Natural Sciences Fund (U21B2088)
Related subjects: Applications & Pathways

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