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Development and Future Scope of Renewable Energy and Energy Storage Systems


This review study attempts to summarize available energy storage systems in order to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy. Inefficient energy storage systems have been shown to function as a deterrent to the implementation of sustainable development. It is therefore critical to conduct a thorough examination of existing and soon-to-be-developed energy storage technologies. Various scholarly publications in the fields of energy storage systems and renewable energy have been reviewed and summarized. Data and themes have been further highlighted with the use of appropriate figures and tables. Case studies and examples of major projects have also been researched to gain a better understanding of the energy storage technologies evaluated. An insightful analysis of present energy storage technologies and other possible innovations have been discovered with the use of suitable literature review and illustrations. This report also emphasizes the critical necessity for an efficient storage system if renewable energy is to be widely adopted.

Funding source: This research work was funded by “Woosong University’s Academic Research Funding-2022”.

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