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Interchangeability of Hydrogen Injection in Zhejiang Natural Gas Pipelines as a Means to Achieve Carbon Neutrality


The blending of hydrogen gas into natural gas pipelines is an effective way of achieving the goal of carbon neutrality. Due to the large differences in the calorific values of natural gas from different sources, the calorific value of natural gas after mixing with hydrogen may not meet the quality requirements of natural gas, and the quality of natural gas entering long-distance natural gas and urban gas pipelines also has different requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to study the effect of multiple gas sources and different pipe network types on the differences in the calorific values of natural gas following hydrogen admixing. In this regard, this study aimed to determine the quality requirements and proportions of hydrogen-mixed gas in natural gas pipelines at home and abroad, and systematically determined the quality requirements for natural gas entering both long-distance natural gas and urban gas pipelines in combination with national standards. Taking the real calorific values of the gas supply cycle of seven atmospheric sources as an example, the calorific and Wobbe Index values for different hydrogen admixture ratios in a one-year cycle were calculated. The results showed that under the requirement of natural gas interchangeability, there were great differences in the proportions of natural gas mixed with hydrogen from different gas sources. When determining the proportion of hydrogen mixed with natural gas, both the factors of different gas sources and the factors of the gas supply cycle should be considered.

Funding source: Key R &D Plan Project of Zhejiang Province (2021C01099) and the Fundamental Research Funds for the Provincial Universities of Zhejiang (2020YW06, 2020YW19).
Related subjects: Hydrogen Blending

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