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Estimation of Liquid Hydrogen Fuels in Aviation


As the demand for alternative fuels to solve environmental problems increases worldwide due to the greenhouse gas problem, this study predicted the demand for liquid hydrogen fuel in aviation to achieve ‘zero‐emission flight’. The liquid hydrogen fuel models of an aircraft and all aviation sectors were produced based on the prediction of aviation fleet growth through the classification of currently operated aircraft. Using these models, the required amount of liquid hydrogen fuel and the total cost of liquid hydrogen were also calculated when various environmental regulations were satisfied. As a result, it was found to be necessary to convert approximately 66% to 100% of all aircraft from existing aircraft to liquid hydrogen aircraft in 2050, according to regulations. The annual liquid hydrogen cost was 4.7–5.2 times higher in the beginning due to the high production cost, but after 2030, it will be maintained at almost the same price, and it was found that the cost was rather low compared to jet fuel.

Related subjects: Applications & Pathways
Countries: Korea, Republic of

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