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Solid Oxide Fuel Cell-Based Polygeneration Systems in Residential Applications: A Review of Technology, Energy Planning and Guidelines for Optimizing the Design


Solid oxide fuel cells are an emerging energy conversion technology suitable for high-temperature power generation with proper auxiliary heat. Combining SOFCs and polygeneration has produced practical applications for modern energy system designs. Even though many researchers have reviewed these systems’ technologies, opportunities and challenges, reviews regarding the optimal strategy for designing and operating the systems are limited. Polygeneration is more complicated than any other energy generation type due to its ability to generate many types of energy from various prime movers. Moreover, integration with other applications, such as vehicle charging and fueling stations, increases the complication in making the system optimally serve the loads. This study elaborates on the energy planning and guidelines for designing a polygeneration system, especially for residential applications. The review of polygeneration technologies also aligns with the current research trend of developing green technology for modern and smart homes in residential areas. The proposed guideline is expected to solve the complication in other applications and technologies and design the polygeneration system optimally.

Funding source: This research is supported by Universiti Malaya under UM International Collaboration Grant (ST027-2022).
Related subjects: Applications & Pathways
Countries: Malaysia

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