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A Bird’s-Eye View on Polymer-Based Hydrogen Carriers for Mobile Applications


Globally, reducing CO2 emissions is an urgent priority. The hydrogen economy is a system that offers long-term solutions for a secure energy future and the CO2 crisis. From hydrogen production to consumption, storing systems are the foundation of a viable hydrogen economy. Each step has been the topic of intense research for decades; however, the development of a viable, safe, and efficient strategy for the storage of hydrogen remains the most challenging one. Storing hydrogen in polymer-based carriers can realize a more compact and much safer approach that does not require high pressure and cryogenic temperature, with the potential to reach the targets determined by the United States Department of Energy. This review highlights an outline of the major polymeric material groups that are capable of storing and releasing hydrogen reversibly. According to the hydrogen storage results, there is no optimal hydrogen storage system for all stationary and automotive applications so far. Additionally, a comparison is made between different polymeric carriers and relevant solid-state hydrogen carriers to better understand the amount of hydrogen that can be stored and released realistically.

Countries: Austria

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