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A Review on Hydrogen-Based Hybrid Microgrid System: Topologies for Hydrogen Energy Storage, Integration, and Energy Management with Solar and Wind Energy


Hydrogen is acknowledged as a potential and appealing energy carrier for decarbonizing the sectors that contribute to global warming, such as power generation, industries, and transportation. Many people are interested in employing low-carbon sources of energy to produce hydrogen by using water electrolysis. Additionally, the intermittency of renewable energy supplies, such as wind and solar, makes electricity generation less predictable, potentially leading to power network incompatibilities. Hence, hydrogen generation and storage can offer a solution by enhancing system flexibility. Hydrogen saved as compressed gas could be turned back into energy or utilized as a feedstock for manufacturing, building heating, and automobile fuel. This work identified many hydrogen production strategies, storage methods, and energy management strategies in the hybrid microgrid (HMG). This paper discusses a case study of a HMG system that uses hydrogen as one of the main energy sources together with a solar panel and wind turbine (WT). The bidirectional AC-DC converter (BAC) is designed for HMGs to maintain power and voltage balance between the DC and AC grids. This study offers a control approach based on an analysis of the BAC’s main circuit that not only accomplishes the function of bidirectional power conversion, but also facilitates smooth renewable energy integration. While implementing the hydrogen-based HMG, the developed control technique reduces the reactive power in linear and non-linear (NL) loads by 90.3% and 89.4%.

Funding source: This work was funded by under the Research Groups Funding program grant code (NU/RG/SERC/11/2).
Countries: India ; Saudi Arabia

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