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Experimental Study of the Feasibility of In‐Situ Hydrogen Generation from Gas Reservoir


Due to there is no better way to exploit depleted gas reservoirs, and hydrogen can generate from natural gas combustion. In this paper, the possibility of in‐situ hydrogen generation in air injected gas reservoirs was determined through pseudo dynamic experiments. The study indicated that highertemperature and steam/methane ratio can generate more hydrogen, and the temperature should not be lower than 600 °C within gas reservoirs. The debris has positive catalysis for hydrogen generation. The maximum mole fraction of hydrogen was 26.63% at 600 °C.

Funding source: This research was funded by the Science and Technology Project of Southwest Petroleum University (2021JBGS09), Central Government Funds of Guiding Local Scientific and Technological Development of Sichuan Province (2021ZYD0056), and Special project for the central government to guide the development of local science and technology in Sichuan Province (2021ZYD0099).
Related subjects: Production & Supply Chain

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