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A Study of Hydrogen Embrittlement of SA-372 J Class High Pressure Hydrogen Storage Seamless Cylinder (≥100 MPA)


The spinning process will lead to changes in the micro-structure and mechanical properties of the materials in different positions of the high-pressure hydrogen storage cylinder, which will show different hydrogen embrittlement resistance in the high-pressure hydrogen environment. In order to fully study the safety of hydrogen storage in large-volume seamless steel cylinders, this chapter associates the influence of the forming process with the deterioration of a high-pressure hydrogen cylinder (≥100 MPa). The anti-hydrogen embrittlement of SA-372 grade J steel at different locations of the formed cylinders was studied experimentally in three cylinders. The hydrogen embrittlement experiments were carried out according to method A of ISO 11114-4:2005. The relationship between tensile strength, microstructure, and hydrogen embrittlement is analyzed, which provides comprehensive and reliable data for the safety of hydrogen storage and transmission.


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