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Investigation on Green Hydrogen Generation Devices Dedicated for Integrated Renewable Energy Farm: Solar and Wind


This study presents a comprehensive methodology to evaluate plants that integrate renewable energy sources and hydrogen generation devices. The paper focuses on presenting the methods for devices’ operation assessment taking into account the annual operation. Multiple effectiveness indices have been presented. On the basis of experimental investigation with the hydrogen generator, the methods for assessing its operation during start-up phase and sudden change in the supply current were proposed. The results of the experiments and the provided mathematical models show that dynamics of the hydrogen generator should be taken into account when selecting the suitable device for cooperation with variable renewable energy. It is especially important for multiple start-ups throughout the day due to significant differences in the amount of hydrogen produced by devices characterized by the same efficiency, yet various time constants. Methodology for selecting the optimal nominal power for hydrogen generator to cooperate with given renewable sources was developed. It was proven the optimal power depends on the type of the renewable source and minimal load of the hydrogen generator. Several case studies, including the integration of wind and solar energy farms to yield a 10 MW renewable energy farm were considered and the minimal load of the hydrogen generator impacts the annual operation of the device has been presented. The paper provides a set of tools to contribute to the development of sustainable energy plants. The methods proposed in this paper are universal and can be used for various renewable energy sources.

Funding source: This scientific work was funded by the National Science Centre, Poland [grant number: 2018/29/B/ST8/02244].
Related subjects: Production & Supply Chain
Countries: Poland

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