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Modeling and Simulation of an Isolated Hybrid Micro-grid with Hydrogen Production and Storage


This work relates the study of system performance in operational conditions for an isolated micro-grid powered by a photovoltaic system and a wind turbine. The electricity produced and not used by the user will be accumulated in two different storage systems: a battery bank and a hydrogen storage system composed of two PEM electrolyzers, four pressurized tanks and a PEM fuel cell. One of the main problems to be solved in the development of isolated micro-grids is the management of the various devices and energy flows to optimize their functioning, in particular in relation to the load profile and power produced by renewable energy systems depending on weather conditions. For this reason, through the development and implementation of a specific simulation program, three different energy management systems were studied to evaluate the best strategy for effectively satisfying user requirements and optimizing overall system efficiency.

Related subjects: Applications & Pathways
Countries: Italy

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