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Hydrogen-rich Fuel Combustion Characteristics of a Counter Dual-swirl Combustor at Fixed Power


In order to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide, gas turbine power station will expect to use more clean fuels in the future, especially those like hydrogen. Hydrogen-rich fuel(syngas) combustion characteristics of the novel counter dual-swirl gas turbine combustor under fixed calorific value input were studied by experiment and numerical simulation. PIV and temperature rake were used respectively to obtain the velocity and temperature distribution in the combustion chamber. The turbulence model of Reynolds stress and the kinetic model of detailed chemical syngas combustion were used simultaneously in the computational simulations. Based on the obtained results, it was found that there is a reasonable agreement between the numerical results and the experimental data. The analysis shows that the flow field and temperature field of the combustor were almost unaffected by the change of hydrogen content and shows a nearly identical distribution structure under all conditions with hydrogen content below 90%; but when the H2 content reaches 90%, the above characteristic plots were significantly changed. As the H2 content in the fuel increases, on the center line of the combustor, the jet velocity of the fuel decreased, the temperature of the gas flow increased, the recovery coefficient of total pressure decreased, and the temperature distribution at the combustor outlet became more uniform. In addition, it is also found that the syngas turbine with the same output power consumed less fuel than the gas turbine with hydrocarbon fuel. This paper provides reference for the study of hydrogen-rich syngas turbine and the application of hydrogen-rich fuel in combustor of energy system.

Funding source: The authors thank the support of National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 51406196 and No. 50876104).
Related subjects: Applications & Pathways

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