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On the Use of a Hydrogen-Fueled Engine in a Hybrid Electric Vehicle


Hybrid electric vehicles are currently one of the most effective ways to increase the efficiency and reduce the pollutant emissions of internal combustion engines. Green hydrogen, produced with renewable energies, is an excellent alternative to fossil fuels in order to drastically reduce engine pollutant emissions. In this work, the author proposes the implementation of a hydrogen-fueled engine in a hybrid vehicle; the investigated hybrid powertrain is the power-split type in which the engine, two electric motor/generators and the drive shaft are coupled together by a planetary gear set; this arrangement allows the engine to operate independently from the wheels and, thus, to exploit the best efficiency operating points. A set of numeric simulations were performed in order to compare the gasoline-fueled engine with the hydrogen-fueled one in terms of the thermal efficiency and total energy consumed during a driving cycle. The simulation results show a mean engine efficiency increase of around 17% when fueled with hydrogen with respect to gasoline and an energy consumption reduction of around 15% in a driving cycle.

Related subjects: Applications & Pathways
Countries: Italy

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