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Energy Management Strategy of Hydrogen Fuel Cell/Battery/Ultracapacitor Hybrid Tractor Based on Efficiency Optimization


With the application of new energy technology, hybrid agricultural machinery has been developed. This article designs a hybrid tractor energy management method to solve the problem of high energy consumption caused by significant load fluctuation of the tractor in field operation. This article first analyzes the characteristics of the hydrogen fuel cell, power battery, and ultracapacitor and designs a hybrid energy system for the tractor. Second, the energy management strategy (EMS) of multi-layer decoupling control based on the Haar wavelet and logic rule is designed to realize the multi-layer decoupling of high-frequency, low-frequency, and steady-state signals of load demand power. Then, the EMS redistributes the decoupled power signals to each energy source. Finally, a hardware-in-loop simulation experiment was carried out through the model. The results show that, compared with single-layer control strategies such as fuzzy control and power-following control, the multi-layer control strategy can allocate the demand power more reasonably, and the efficiency of the hydrogen fuel cell is the highest. The average efficiency of the hydrogen fuel cell was increased by 2.87% and 1.2%, respectively. Furthermore, the equivalent hydrogen consumption of the tractor was reduced by 17.06% and 5.41%, respectively, within the experimental cycle. It is shown that the multi-layer control strategy considering power fluctuation can improve the vehicle economy based on meeting the power demanded by the whole vehicle load.

Funding source: This research was funded by the Major Science and Technology Project of Henan Province (221100240400), Key Scientific Research Project of Colleges and Universities in Henan Province (no. 20A460013), and the National Key Research and Development Program of China (no. 2017YFD070020402).
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