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Economic Operation Strategy of Integrated Hydrogen Energy System Considering the Uncertainty of PV Power Output


To address the negative influence caused by power randomness of distributed PV output on energy system’s economic operation, in this work, an economic operation strategy considering the uncertainty features of PV output has been designed and applied on an integrated hydrogen energy system. First, the thermal system operation model and the thermoelectric output control model are precisely built for the integrated hydrogen energy system and the hydrogen-based fuel cell, respectively. Then, referring to the PV output prediction data, the uncertainty of light intensity variation is analyzed to correct the PV output prediction curve. Finally, a cost–benefit model for the optimal economic operation of the integrated hydrogen energy system including PV, hydrogen fuel cell and cogeneration unit is designed with an objective function of achieving an optimal economic operation of the multi-energy coupling devices. The simulation tests validate that considering the influence of PV output uncertainty on hydrogen fuel cell output can make the system operation more reasonable, which ensures the economic and reliable operation of hydrogen energy systems.

Funding source: This work is supported by Technology Projects of Nari Technology Co., Ltd., China (Research on key technologies for low carbon friendly interaction between hydrogen energy and power grid, WBS 524608210274) and Natural Science Youth Foundation of Shandong province, China under Grant ZR2021QE240.
Related subjects: Applications & Pathways

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