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Research on Motor Rotor Loss of High-Speed Air Compressor in the Application of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle


As an important component of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, the air compressor with an air foil bearing rotates at tens of thousands of revolutions per minute. The heat generation concentration problem caused by the high-speed motor loss seriously affects the safe and normal operation of the motor, so it is very important to clarify the loss distribution of the high-speed motor and adopt a targeted loss reduction design for air compressor heat dissipation. In this paper, for an air compressor with a foil bearing with a rated speed of 80,000 rpm, an empirical formula and a three-dimensional transient magnetic field finite element model are used to model and calculate the air friction loss, stator core loss, winding loss and permanent magnet eddy current loss. The accuracy of the analytical calculation method is verified by torque test experiments under different revolutions, and the average simulation accuracy can reach 91.1%. Then, the distribution of the air friction loss, stator core loss, winding loss and eddy current loss of the air compressor motor at different revolutions is obtained by using this method. The results show that the proposed method can effectively calculate the motor rotor loss of a high-speed air compressor with air foil bearing. Although the motor efficiency increases with the increase in motor speed, the absolute value of loss also increases with the increase in motor speed. Stator core loss and air friction loss are the main sources of loss, accounting for 55.64% and 29% of the total motor loss, respectively. The electromagnetic loss of winding, the eddy current and other alloys account for a relatively small proportion, which is 15% in total. The conclusions obtained in this paper can effectively guide calculations of motor loss the motor heat dissipation design of a high-speed air compressor with an air foil bearing.

Funding source: This research was funded by the National Key R&D Program of China (2019YFB1504600).
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