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Analysis of the Combustion Process in a Hydrogen-Fueled CFR Engine


Green hydrogen, produced using renewable energy, is nowadays one of the most promising alternatives to fossil fuels for reducing pollutant emissions and in turn global warming. In particular, the use of hydrogen as fuel for internal combustion engines has been widely analyzed over the past few years. In this paper, the authors show the results of some experimental tests performed on a hydrogen-fueled CFR (Cooperative Fuel Research) engine, with particular reference to the combustion. Both the air/fuel (A/F) ratio and the engine compression ratio (CR) were varied in order to evaluate the influence of the two parameters on the combustion process. The combustion duration was divided in two parts: the flame front development (characterized by laminar flame speed) and the rapid combustion phase (characterized by turbulent flame speed). The results of the hydrogen-fueled engine have been compared with results obtained with gasoline in a reference operating condition. The increase in engine CR reduces the combustion duration whereas the opposite effect is observed with an increase in the A/F ratio. It is interesting to observe how the two parameters, CR and A/F ratio, have a different influence on the laminar and turbulent combustion phases. The influence of both A/F ratio and engine CR on heat transfer to the combustion chamber wall was also evaluated and compared with the gasoline operation. The heat transfer resulting from hydrogen combustion was found to be higher than the heat transfer resulting from gasoline combustion, and this is probably due to the different quenching distance of the two fuels.

Funding source: This research and the related APC were funded by the University of Palermo—Italy, “Call for research projects developed by individual researchers” protocol n. 7666-01/10/2021, fund granted by DD n. 466/2021.
Related subjects: Applications & Pathways
Countries: Italy

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