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Hybrid Electric Vehicle: Design and Control of a Hybrid System (Fuel Cell/Battery/Ultra-Capacitor) Supplied by Hydrogen


Due to its high efficiency and reduced emissions, new zero-emission hybrid electric vehicles have been selected as an attractive challenge for future transport applications. New zero -emission hybrid electric, on the other hand, has some major drawbacks from the complicated charging process. The hybrid electrical fuel cell system is introduced as the main source to intelligently control multi-source activities. An ultra-capacitor system is selected as the energy recovery assistance to monitor the fuel cell’s fast transient and peak power during critical periods. To regulate energy demand and supply, an intelligent energy management system is proposed and tested through several constraints. The proposed approach system aims to act quickly against sudden circumstances related to hydrogen depletion in the prediction of the required fuel consumption basis. The proposed strategy tends to define the proper operating system according to energy demand and supply. The obtained results show that the designed system meets the targets set for the energy management unit by referring to an experimental velocity database.

Funding source: The author would like to thank the Deanship of Scientific Research (DSR), King Abdulaziz University, and Jeddah, who supported this work under grant No. (D1439-105-156). The authors, therefore, gratefully acknowledge the DSR for their technical and financial support.
Related subjects: Applications & Pathways
Countries: Saudi Arabia ; Tunisia

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