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Coordinated Planning and Operation of Inter Seasonal Heat Storage and P2G Devices Integrated to Urban Multi-energy System


With the urbanization construction and the advancement of the carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals, urban energy systems are characterized by coupling multi-energy networks and a high proportion of renewable energy. Urban energy systems need to improve the quality of energy use, as well as to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction. Inter-seasonal heat technology has satisfactory engineering application prospects in promoting renewable energy consumption and the energy supply of urban multi-energy systems. Considering inter-seasonal heat storage and electric hydrogen production, a joint optimization method of planning and operation is proposed for the urban multi-energy flow system. First, the operation framework of inter-seasonal heat storage and electric hydrogen production system is established, which clarifies the energy flow of the urban multi-energy system. Secondly, aiming at the goals of minimizing the equipment’s annual investment cost and the multi-energy system annual operation cost, combined with the time series period division method, a planning operation model has been established considering multi-objectives. Through case study, it is shown that the proposed model can promote the renewable energy consumption and reduce the operation cost of the whole system.

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