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Comprehensive Analysis of the Operation of an Internal Combustion Engine Fueled by Hydrogen-containing Mixtures


At present, hydrogen is considered as one of the most promising motor fuels capable of replacing traditional hydrocarbons. This article presents the results of a comprehensive experimental study of the effect of hydrogen additives on the main parameters of a gasoline spark-ignition ICE. The thermophysical parameters of the processes of ignition and combustion inside the cylinder with the addition of hydrogen in the amount of 0%–20% of the air volume, as well as the fuel and energy characteristics of the engine and its impact on the environment, were studied. It has been established that hydrogen leads to significant changes in the engine operation. It increases some parameters and reduces others, improving or worsening them compared to running on pure gasoline. So, with a 20% H2 addition at an average engine load, the following parameters increase: the maximum pressure in the cylinder by almost 20%; the rate of pressure increase in the combustion chamber by 2.8 times; the highest combustion temperature by 140 K. At the same time, the following parameters decrease: average indicator pressure by 18%; ignition timing by 82% (6◦ to TDC versus 34◦ for gasoline); crank angle corresponding to the maximum pressure by 32% (9.4◦ versus 13.9◦ for gasoline); crank angle corresponding to maximum temperature by 54% (17.7◦ after TDC versus 38.3◦ for clean gasoline); ignition delay time (τind = 0.32 ms) and visible combustion time (τvis = 1.58 ms) by 4 and 2.3 times, respectively.

Funding source: The authors are grateful to the Luikov Heat and Mass Transfer Institute, Republic of Belarus for financial and material support in performing experiments within the framework of this study.
Related subjects: Applications & Pathways
Countries: Belarus

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