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Low Carbon Optimal Operation of Integrated Energy System Based on Concentrating Solar Power Plant and Power to Hydrogen


A new integrated energy system (IES) framework is created in order to encourage the consumption of renewable energy, which is represented by wind and solar energy, and lower carbon emissions. The connection between the units in the composite system is examined in this research. In-depth analysis is done on how energy is transferred between electricity, heat, gas, and hydrogen. The system model and constraints are used to build an objective function with the lowest total operating cost. The calculation of carbon trading includes the ladder carbon trading method. And set up 6 cases for analysis, which verifies the effectiveness of the participation of the concentrated solar power plant (CSPP) in the heat supply and power to hydrogen system (P2HS) in reducing the total operating cost of the system, reducing wind curtailment and light curtailment, and reducing carbon emissions. Under the model considered in this paper, reduces the total operating cost reduces by 27.04% when the concentrated solar power plant is involved in the supply of thermal load. And the carbon emission is reduced by 14.529%. Compared with the traditional power to gas, considers the power to hydrogen system in this paper, which reduces the total operating cost by 4.79%.

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