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Industrial and Academic Collaboration Strategies on Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology Development in Malaysia


Hydrogen fuel cells are electrochemical power generators of high conversion efficiency and incredibly clean operation. Throughout the world, the growth of fuel cell research and application has been very rapid in the last ten years where successful pilot projects on many areas have been implemented. In Malaysia, approximately RM40 million has been granted to academic research institutions for fuel cell study and development. Recently, Malaysia saw the emergence of its first hydrogen fuel cell developer, signaling the readiness of the industrial sector to be involved in marketing the potential of fuel cells. Focusing mainly on Polymer Electrolyte Membrane fuel cell technology, this paper demonstrates the efforts by Malaysian institutions, both industrial and academic, to promote hydrogen fuel cell education, training, application, R&D as well as technology transfer. Emphasis is given to the existing collaboration between G-Energy Technologies and UniversitiTeknologi MARA that culminates with the successful application of a locally developed fuel cell system for a single-seated vehicle. Briefs on the potential of realizing a large-scale utilization of this clean technology into Malaysia’s mainstream power industry, domestic consumers and energy consuming industries is also discussed. Key challenges are also identified where pilot projects, government policy and infrastructural development is central to strengthen the prospect of hydrogen fuel cell implementation in Malaysia.

Related subjects: Applications & Pathways
Countries: Malaysia

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