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Simulating Offshore Hydrogen Production via PEM Electrolysis using Real Power Production Data from a 2.3 MW Floating Offshore Wind Turbine


This work presents simulation results from a system where offshore wind power is used to produce hydrogen via electrolysis. Real-world data from a 2.3 MW floating offshore wind turbine and electricity price data from Nord Pool were used as input to a novel electrolyzer model. Data from five 31-day periods were combined with six system designs, and hydrogen production, system efficiency, and production cost were estimated. A comparison of the overall system performance shows that the hydrogen production and cost can vary by up to a factor of three between the cases. This illustrates the uncertainty related to the hydrogen production and profitability of these systems. The highest hydrogen production achieved in a 31-day period was 17 242 kg using a 1.852 MW electrolyzer (i.e., utilization factor of approximately 68%), the lowest hydrogen production cost was 4.53 $/kg H2, and the system efficiency was in the range 56.1e56.9% in all cases.

Funding source: The authors would like to acknowledge the Research Council of Norway for partly funding the work in this study (project number 295605).
Related subjects: Applications & Pathways
Countries: Norway

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