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Evaluation of the Potential for Distributed Generation of Green Hydrogen Using Metal-hydride Storage Methods


This study presents methodology for the evaluation of appropriateness of a hydrogen generator for gas production in multiple distributed plants based on renewable energy sources. The general idea is to form hydrogen clusters integrated with storage and transportation. The paper focuses on the financial viability of the plants, presenting the results of economic evaluation together with sensitivity analysis for various economic factors. The analyzed case study proves that over a wide range of parameters alkaline electrolyzers show favorable economic characteristics, however, a PEM-based plant is more resilient to changes in the price of electricity, which is the main cost component in hydrogen generation. The study is enriched with an experimental investigation of low-pressure storage methods, based on porous metal hydride tanks. The effectiveness of the tanks (β) compared to pressurized hydrogen tanks, in the same volume and pressure is equal to β = 10.2. A solution is proposed whereby these can be used in a distributed hydrogen generation concept due to their safe and simple operation, without additional costly equipment, e.g., compressors. A method for evaluation of the avoided energy consumption as a function of the effectiveness of the tanks is developed. Avoided energy consumption resulting from implementing MH tanks equals 1.33 – 1.37 kWh per kilogram of hydrogen depending on the number of stages of a compressor. The methods proposed in this paper are universal and can be used for various green hydrogen facilities.

Funding source: This scientific work was funded by the National Science Centre, Poland [grant number: 2018/29/B/ST8/02244]. Additionally, Wojciech Uchman is supported by the Foundation for Polish Science (FNP).
Related subjects: Applications & Pathways
Countries: Poland

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