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Simulation and Control Strategy Study of the Hydrogen Supply System of a Fuel Cell Engine


The hydrogen supply system is one of the important components of a hydrogen fuel cell engine, and its performance has an important impact on the economy and power of the engine system. In this paper, a hydrogen supply system based on cyclic mode is designed for a hydrogen fuel cell stack with a full load power of 150 kW, and the corresponding hydrogen fuel cell engine simulation model is built and validated. The control strategy of the fuel cell hydrogen supply system is developed, and its effect is verified through bench tests. The results show that the developed control strategy can keep the volume fraction of nitrogen below 6%, the hydrogen excess ratio does not exceed 1.5 under medium and high operating conditions, the anode pressure is relatively stable, and the stack can operate efficiently and reliably.

Funding source: This research was funded by the National Key R&D Program of China, grant number 2020YFB0106603, the Shandong Province Key R&D Program, grant number 2020CXGC010404, and the Shandong Province Key R&D Program, grant number 2020CXGC010406.
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