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Hydrogen as a Renewable Energy Carrier in a Hybrid Configuration of Distributed Energy Systems: Bibliometric Mapping of Current Knowledge and Strategies


Storing energy in hydrogen deposits balances the operation of energy systems and is an effective tool in the process of energy transformation towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals. To assess the validity of its use as an alternative renewable energy carrier in dispersed energy systems of hybrid configuration, a comprehensive review of scientific literature was conducted in this study, based on bibliometric analysis. The bibliographic database used in the study was the international Web of Science database. This review contributes to a better understanding of the characteristics of the selected research area. The evolution of research trends implemented in the design of energy systems associated with hydrogen technologies is revealed, clearly indicating that it is a developing field. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of publications, although the territorial range of research (mainly simulation) conducted in the domain does not include areas with the most favourable infrastructural conditions. The analysis reveals weak cooperation between South American, African, East Asian, and Oceanic countries. In the light of earlier, thematically similar literature reviews, several research gaps are also identified and proposals for future research are presented. They concern, in particular, the parallel implementation and optimization of the operation of hydrogen (HRES—Hybrid Renewable Energy System and HESS—Hybrid Energy Storage System) solutions in terms of economics, ecology, lifespan, and work efficiency, as well as their feasibility analysis. With the support of other researchers and those involved in the subject matter, this review may contribute to the further development of hybrid hydrogen systems in terms of increasing competitiveness and promoting the implementation of these technologies.

Related subjects: Applications & Pathways
Countries: Poland

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