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Hydrogen–Natural Gas Mix—A Viable Perspective for Environment and Society


The increase in demand, and thus the need to lower its price, has kept C-based fuels as the main source. In this context, the use of oil and gas has led to increased climate change, resulting in greenhouse gases. The high percentage of emissions, over 40%, is due to the production of electricity, heat, or/and energy transport. This is the main reason for global warming and the extreme and increasingly common climate change occurrences, with all of nature being affected. Due to this reason, in more and more countries, there is an increased interest in renewable energies from sustainable sources, with a particular emphasis on decarbonisation. One of the energies analysed for decarbonisation that will play a role in future energy systems is hydrogen. The development of hydrogen–natural gas mixtures is a major challenge in the field of energy and fuel technology. This article aims to highlight the major challenges associated with researching hydrogen–natural gas blends. Meeting this challenge requires a comprehensive research and development effort, including exploring appropriate blending techniques, optimising performance, addressing infrastructure requirements, and considering regulatory considerations. Overcoming this challenge will enable the full potential of hydrogen–natural gas blends to be realised as a clean and sustainable energy source. This will contribute to the global transition to a greener and more sustainable future. Several international, European, and Romanian studies, projects, and legislative problems are being analysed. The mix between H2 and natural gas decreases fugitive emissions. In contrast, using hydrogen increases the risk of fire more than using natural gas because hydrogen is a light gas that easily escapes and ignites at almost any concentration in the air.

Funding source: This research was funded by the Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiesti, and the APC was funded by CNFIS grant number CNFIS-FDI-2022-0319.
Related subjects: Hydrogen Blending
Countries: Romania

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