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Optimal Capacity Configuration of Wind–Solar Hydrogen Storage Microgrid Based on IDW-PSO


Because the new energy is intermittent and uncertain, it has an influence on the system’s output power stability. A hydrogen energy storage system is added to the system to create a wind, light, and hydrogen integrated energy system, which increases the utilization rate of renewable energy while encouraging the consumption of renewable energy and lowering the rate of abandoning wind and light. Considering the system’s comprehensive operation cost economy, power fluctuation, and power shortage as the goal, considering the relationship between power generation and load, assigning charging and discharging commands to storage batteries and hydrogen energy storage, and constructing a model for optimal capacity allocation of wind–hydrogen microgrid system. The optimal configuration model of the wind, solar, and hydrogen microgrid system capacity is constructed. A particle swarm optimization with dynamic adjustment of inertial weight (IDW-PSO) is proposed to solve the optimal allocation scheme of the model in order to achieve the optimal allocation of energy storage capacity in a wind–hydrogen storage microgrid. Finally, a microgrid system in Beijing is taken as an example for simulation and solution, and the results demonstrate that the proposed approach has the characteristics to optimize the economy and improve the capacity of renewable energy consumption, realize the inhibition of the fluctuations of power, reduce system power shortage, and accelerate the convergence speed.

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