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Progress and Prospect of the Novel Integrated SOFC-ICE Hybrid Power System: System Design, Mass and Heat Integration, System Optimization and Techno-economic Analysis


This paper presents a review of system design and analysis, control strategy, optimization and heat and mass integration of integrated solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) and reciprocating internal combustion engine (ICE) system. Facing the future power-fuel-power path, both SOFC and ICE can adapt to a variety of fuels, which is one evidence that ICE is amenable to integration with SOFC, while SOFC is more efficient, cleaner, and quieter than ICE. Different system topologies are classified, whose dynamic performances are also analyzed. In addition, the heat and mass integration of system is discussed. Moreover, the combustion modes of ICE, which can be applied to steady combustion, high efficiency and low emissions, are analyzed and compared. Meanwhile, the potential and methods of system waste heat recovery are discussed. The exergy analysis, energy density and techno-economy are discussed. Finally, the results are discussed in the last section with the final conclusion that SOFC-ICE systems are very suitable for long-distance transportation such as maritime and aviation, which can also solve problems of the carbon and pollutant emissions with the background of engine cannot be replaced in maritime, while the system can adapt a variety of alternative fuels.

Funding source: The authors gratefully acknowledge the funder of Harbin Engineering University (0020300290129),
Related subjects: Applications & Pathways

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