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Modelling Hydrogen Storage and Filling Systems: A Dynamic and Customizable Toolkit


Hydrogen plays a vital role in decarbonizing the mobility sector. With the number of hydrogen vehicles expected to drastically increase, a network of refuelling stations needs to be built to keep up with the hydrogen demand. However, further research and development on hydrogen refuelling infrastructure, storage and standardization is required to overcome technical and economic barriers. Simulation tools can reduce time and costs during the design phase, but existing models do not fully support calculations of complete and arbitrary system layouts. Therefore, a flexible simulation toolbox for rapid investigations of hydrogen refuelling and extraction processes as well as development of refuelling infrastructure, vehicle tank systems and refuelling protocols for non-standardized applications was developed. Our model library, H2VPATT, comprises of typical components found in refuelling infrastructure. The key component is the hydrogen tank model. The simulation model was successfully validated with measurement data from refuelling tests of a 320 l type III tank.

Funding source: The authors would like to thank the Austrian Research Promotion Agency for funding the projects HERO (Nr. 878120) and HyTrain (Nr. 885087). A portion of this work was conducted as part of the HyCentA COMET Centre (Nr. 892427) and funded within COMET e Competence Centers for Excellent Technologies e by BMK, BMAW as well as the co-financing federal provinces Styria, Upper Austria, Tyrol and Vienna.
Countries: Austria

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