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Centralized Offshore Hydrogen Production from Wind Farms in the Baltic Sea Area—A Study Case for Poland


In Poland, hydrogen production should be carried out using renewable energy sources, particularly wind energy (as this is the most efficient zero-emission technology available). According to hydrogen demand in Poland and to ensure stability as well as security of energy supply and also the realization of energy policy for the EU, it is necessary to use offshore wind energy for direct hydrogen production. In this study, a centralized offshore hydrogen production system in the Baltic Sea area was presented. The goal of our research was to explore the possibility of producing hydrogen using offshore wind energy. After analyzing wind conditions and calculating the capacity of the proposed wind farm, a 600 MW offshore hydrogen platform was designed along with a pipeline to transport hydrogen to onshore storage facilities. Taking into account Poland’s Baltic Sea area wind conditions with capacity factor between 45 and 50% and having obtained results with highest monthly average output of 3508.85 t of hydrogen, it should be assumed that green hydrogen production will reach profitability most quickly with electricity from offshore wind farms.

Related subjects: Production & Supply Chain
Countries: Poland

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