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Up-to-Date Status of Geoscience in the Field of Natural Hydrogen with Consideration of Petroleum Issues


The perspective of natural hydrogen as a clear, carbon-free, and renewable energy source appears very promising. There have been many studies reporting significant concentrations of natural hydrogen in different countries. However, natural hydrogen is being extracted to generate electricity only in Mali. This issue originates from the fact that global attention has not been dedicated yet to the progression and promotion of the natural hydrogen field. Therefore, being in the beginning stage, natural hydrogen science needs further investigation, especially in exploration techniques and exploitation technologies. The main incentive of this work is to analyze the latest advances and challenges pertinent to the natural hydrogen industry. The focus is on elaborating geological origins, ground exposure types, extraction techniques, previous detections of natural hydrogen, exploration methods, and underground hydrogen storage (UHS). Thus, the research strives to shed light on the current status of the natural hydrogen field, chiefly from the geoscience perspective. The data collated in this review can be used as a useful reference for the scientists, engineers, and policymakers involved in this emerging renewable energy source.

Funding source: The project was supported by the AGH University of Krakow, Poland, subsidy
Related subjects: Production & Supply Chain

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