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An Estimation of Green Hydrogen Generation from Wind Energy: A Case Study from KSA


Actually, green hydrogen is viewed as a fundamental component in accelerating energy transition and empowering a sustainable future. The current study focuses on the estimation of green hydrogen generation by using wind energy via electrolysis in four sites located in Saudi Arabia. Results showed that the yearly amount of hydrogen that could be generated by using wind turbine ranges between 254287,7 kg in Rafha and 367692,5 kg in Dhahran. The hydrogen generated could be used to fuel vehicles and decrease the amount of GHG emission from vehicles in KSA. Also, hydrogen may be used to store the excess of wind energy and to support the achievement of vision 2030 of the Kingdom. An economic assessment is carried out also in this paper. Results showed that the LCOH, by using wind energy in KSA, ranges from 2.82 $/kg to 3.81 $/kg.

Related subjects: Production & Supply Chain
Countries: Saudi Arabia

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